February 29, 2024

Who voices palpatine in robot chicken?

Experience life on the dark side with Robot Chicken’s Emperor Palpatine, voiced by Seth Green! Get a behind-the-scenes look into how Robot Chicken brings this Star Wars villain to life. Act now and don’t miss out on your chance to finally know who voices palpatine in robot chicken.


The hugely popular animated comedy series, Robot Chicken, was brought to life thanks to the incredible voice acting of Larry Kenney as Emperor Palpatine. With his signature booming vocals and powerful presence, he quickly became an audience favorite throughout the show’s nine-season run. Learn more about this iconic character and who voiced Palpatine in Robot Chicken below!

Overview of Robot Chicken

Robot Chicken is an American stop-motion sketch comedy television series created by Seth Green and Matthew Senreich. It was first aired in 2005 on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming block, and since then it has won six Emmy Awards, a Peabody Award, and numerous other awards. Robot Chicken features twisted parodies blending pop culture satire with surreal sketches that are created using stop-motion animation of toys, action figures, puppets, dolls and claymation to create comedic sketches that poke fun at popular TV shows, movies and celebrities. Veteran voice actor Corey Burton provided the voice for villain Emperor Palpatine / Darth Sidious in Robot Chicken’s Star Wars episodes while Tom Kane voiced Palpatine / Darth Sidious in all other appearances on the show.

Voice Cast of Robot Chicken

The Emmy award-winning stop motion comedy sketch show, Robot Chicken, is well known for its witty and satirical take on pop culture. The show currently features 4 primary voice actors: Seth Green (Mayor Mccheese/Greg), Breckin Meyer (Randy), Donald Faison (Ace) and Rachael Leigh Cook (Karina). All four of these talented actors have given compelling voices to the beloved characters who inhabit Robot Chicken’scrazy world. Along with their regular roles in the show, various high-profile celebrities such as Thomas Haden Church, Mark Hamill and Queen Latifah have also made special guest appearances voicing other characters during different episodes.

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All in all, the impressive voice cast of Robot Chicken adds immense depth to the entertaining series that has gained legions of fans over time – including those desperately wondering “who voices Palpatine in robot chicken?” After all; if no one asked this question then we would definitely fail to appreciate Ian McDiarmid’s fantastic performance!

Actor Breckin Meyer

Breckin Meyer is the voice of Emperor Palpatine in Robot Chicken. Meyer is an American actor and comedian that has starred in films such as Road Trip, Rat Race and Herbie: Fully Loaded. He also provides voices for animated television shows, including Family Guy and American Dad! Aside from voicing Palpatine in Robot Chicken, he has provided a variety of other character voices for the show since its launch in 2001.

Characterizations of Palpatine

The Emperor Palpatine, otherwise known as Darth Sidious, is a crafty and powerful Sith Lord from the “Star Wars” franchise. He has been portrayed variously throughout different media, largely to great effect due mainly to his instantly recognizable voice and/or performance of Ian McDiarmid in some contexts. A notable depiction of Palpatine was seen in the sketch comedy show Robot Chicken. The role was voiced by veteran character actor Breckin Meyer for the episode entitled Twists and Turns. This particular version of Palpatine harkens back to comedic portrayals that appear occasionally in official “Star Wars” materials such as cartoons or comic books, often involving ridicule or irony of both its characters and storylines alike.

Voicing Palpatine in Robot Chicken

The iconic villain of the Star Wars universe, Darth Sidious or Emperor Palpatine, is voiced by actor Corey Burton in the popular American stop-motion sketch comedy television series Robot Chicken. Having portrayed numerous characters in various video games and cartoons over the years, Burton brings a unique yet familiar approach to the role, making his performance unmistakable. His dialogue brings extra gravitas that adds to this comedic work — he often speaks with thunderous power but delivers his words with skillful nuance and feeling; every line is distinct yet true to how Vader/Palpatine would naturally speak. This makes for an effective parody of some memorable quotes from Star Wars films that have been a source of countless pop culture references over the years.

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Differences in Voicing Palpatine

The Star Wars character Emperor Palpatine has been voiced by two different actors in two distinct media – the movies, and Robot Chicken skits. Liam Neeson provided the deep modulated voice for the Prequel movie trilogy, while acclaimed comedy actor Seth Green lent his vocal chords to voice Palpatine for the Emmy-award winning series Robot Chicken. When compared, one can immediately notice differences in their interpretation of Palpatine.
Neeson was tasked with playing a much more serious version of a powerful political leader, whereas Green approached it from a comedic point-of-view since he did not have use lengthy monologues or even show emotion except when promoting fear and dread. This change from intimidating ruler to silly caricature is perhaps why fans are quick to differentiate between them instantly on hearing both versions. The visual style changes within Robot Chicken also added to playfulness; instead of dark malicious undertones during confrontations with characters like Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader), we were presented with New York and TV pop culture satire that made some of these episodes incredibly lighthearted yet still entertaining nonetheless.

Behind the Scenes Reactions

Behind the Scenes of Robot Chicken, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding voicing Palpatine. Many people are excited to hear who will be the one providing his devilishly evil laugh and sinister dialogue in each episode. It turns out that longtime voice actor Corey Burton is responsible for bringing the Emperor to life on television screens everywhere. Not only does he bring over three decades of experience with animation to this role, but he also has received much praise from fans and critics alike for his spot-on portrayal of Palpatine’s character. With such an amazingly talented cast backing up Robot Chicken, it’s no wonder why it continues to receive acclaim from viewers all around the world.

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The voice of Emperor Palpatine in Robot Chicken is provided by the actor, Seth Green. He has been voicing the character since Season 4, using a gruff yet recognizable tone to capture the menacing spirit of the Sith Lord. This same actor can be heard in other versions of Robot Chicken over a decade later and beyond, making him one of longest-running voices for this iconic villain.